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Running Ventrilo for the first time

September 16, 2015     0 comments

Congratulations! By now you have successfully purchased a SupremeVoice ventrilo server. If you are unfamiliar with ventrilo simply follow these simple steps to connect to your very own server.


Setup your very own user name to log on to your ventrilo server.

The setup user window will open allowing you to create a new username.

Once you click NEW you can set up your name however you want it to be. We suggest you be creative and have some fun doing so.

Step 2:

Creating your server login information.

Now lets connect you to your own personal server.

Your connection editor will now open. click on NEW

Now you can name and set up all your server credentials as shown below. (Be sure to request your free custom hostname with us at anytime and forget about having to memorize an IP)

Step 3:

Connecting to your server:

Simply click on connect and you will be able to enter your very own ventrilo server.

Congratulations you have now connected to your very own SupremeVoice ventrilo server. Enjoy!

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