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How do I give permissions to members and guests of my Teamspeak 3 server?

October 18, 2015     0 comments

To give permissions to your friends and teammates has become a very easy thing to do in Teamspeak 3. Simply follow these steps and you can grant your anyone you want any permission you want!

Step1: Open up your Teamspeak 3 Client and log in to your very own SupremeVoice Teamspeak server.

Step2: Click on the Permissions tab at the top of your teamspeak 3 client followed by clicking on Server Groups.

Step3: You will now see the Server Groups categories: Server Admin, Normal and Guest. Notice that you will also be able to create other categories yourself and even rename and remove some existing categories.

Step 4: You will also see at the bottom right corner an add user button. Once you click on it it will ask for a Client Unique ID or Database ID which can be found by either clicking on a user in the teamspeak server and copying over the client unique ID on the right hand side or by going into your teamspeak 3 custom control panel and pulling the Database ID from a specific user in your server/channel.

Step5: Now that you have the above information you will be able to go and create foreach user in your server custom permissions the way you want to.

Step6 (optional): You can also custom the permission settings for your Channel Groups by clicking the tab right next to Server Groups within the same window. 

It is that easy to manage your Permissions with SupremeVoice for your very own Teamspeak 3 server!

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